Our Story

Traditional Indian designs effortlessly weaving themselves into western silhouettes, our label stands for uncompromised quality and effortless style paired with functionality.
With myriad hues ranging from bold to lucid, our designs are not only panache and chic but also easy to put on and function in (and yes we mean pockets!)
Meant for the woman with beauty in her soul we make sure she revels in her self worth in our custom made sizes. 
Accompanied by eco-friendly packaging in butter paper and cloth bags, our label cares about the planet just as much we care about you.
About The Label
Avant garde designer Tarini Vij's couture toes between borderline haute but in a way which very strongly connects to traditional Indian finery and comfort.
With a refreshing take on indo-western, The label meticulously weaves Indian designs with western silhouettes.
High fashion that is luxurious yet affordable is what trademarks this label that was established in 2017.
The brand’s signature style is flirty, dramatic yet very lucid and that’s what adds life to her designs.
What you wear is your truest form of expression and the label makes sure it keeps up with your magnificence.