Tarini Vij's Label epitomizes the seamless integration of Indian heritage with contemporary fashion sensibilities. With a meticulous focus on innovative fusion, the label's designs weave together traditional Indian elements with modern western silhouettes, creating a distinctive style that is both flirty and dramatic yet effortlessly lucid.

At Tarini Vij, we believe in empowering the modern woman to express herself beyond conventional design ideologies, offering refreshing collections that redefine Indian wear with a modern, edgy twist. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that each couture piece is skillfully developed with indigenous details, providing luxurious yet affordable options that resonate with the vibrant spirit of today's fashion-forward individuals.


Delhi-based designer Tarini Vij is the creative force behind the label. A graduate from Pearl Academy, Delhi, Tarini embarked on her journey in the fashion industry in 2017. Known for her vibrant use of colors, intricate prints, and hand embroideries, Tarini brings a fresh perspective to traditional attire, infusing her designs with energy and sophistication.